Monday, November 30, 2009

Please tell me I am not alone

My basement area where I do laundry is completely and utterly gross. I mean gross. Cobwebs on the ceiling, hanging down. Junk everywhere. Dirt everywhere. We basically moved in 2.5 years ago and never cleaned down there. Oh and the top of the steps leading down I have junk piled up. And at the bottom of the steps there is a deep freezer we have not even plugged in since we moved with several of Jack's potty seats stacked on that. Every time I do laundry I get this dreaded feeling. I rush thru it and try not to look around or have a spider drop down in my hair. Seriously. It is bad. I need to take a picture of it tomorrow. I have the upstairs organized to my liking and clean, (ok clean sometime) but that laundry area is bad bad bad. And with the homestudy coming up I have got to clean it. Why have I been living here 2.5 years without fixing it up? I guess the answer would be one toddler, one pregnancy, one infant, one jealous toddler, two crazy boys and no time! For some reason all my friends here seem to really have it together with their houses. Sigh. I will be really happy to get that area cleaned out!


  1. Would you like to come visit me?! I think you would feel soooo much better! (And I'm very happy that it's not just me either!)

  2. Yay - i will have to post a pic tomorrow and you will be really horrified. And maybe if i see it in film i will be equally horrified and go do something about it....

  3. there's nothing like a homestudy to kick our butts in gear!

  4. Those people who seem to have it together have some messy room that is hidden behind a closed door! I know your pain.

  5. Hey just found your blog. We are adopting from Korea to and have two boys who seem close in age to yours. I hope your journey is short.



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