Tuesday, November 17, 2009

God moment

I stole this idea from Longing for Lucy Lane. If you have not readhttp://weloveourlucy.blogspot.com/2009/11/god-moments.html this blog - go read!!

I have had two God moments this week helping me realize this adoption is in God's perfect plan. The first was little Mia in the bookstore. The next happened the very next night. I had bought a dvd for $5 on sale at the Christian bookstore - "Christmas Child." I did not read the back cover or anything, just grabbed a good deal on a Christmas movie! We popped it in the player that evening and realized it was all about adoption. The main character was adopted as a baby and was struggling on not knowing who his birthmom was. As the movie played out, I was thinking to myself that I really hope this adoption is the right thing for our family, and I am not chasing a dream all by myself. THEN who but Stephen Curtis Chapman (personal hero) comes on screen with an asian daughter and begins to tell the main character all about his adoption. He tells him him and his wife freaked out right before they went to get their daughter, and they did not know if they would love this little baby as much as they loved their two biological son. (UMMMM...oh my gosh!) I got chill bumps. Then he went on to say that when they placed her in their arms it was instant love. (tears in my eyes) HOW special is this?? God speaking to me thru a $5 dvd. Amazing! And just another testiment to God's great love. Blessings friends - Elisabeth


  1. I have had a lot of those moments and this week has been full of them.

    Stephen Curtis Chapman rocks!!!

  2. that is so neat..I love God moments...thanks for sharing, kristi



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