Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Very cool!

I wanted to share the picture we took at the hotel in Seoul right after we took custody of Annelise is on the cover of our adoption agencies annual report. It took me completely by surprise when I opened my mail today. I sent the picture to the agency as part of her birth announcement, and they asked me a few months back if they could use the picture, but I was not sure they would. I am so excited, and am going to frame the cover and hang it in Annelises room.
Maybe the raw emotion of that day is conveyed in this picture. We were exausted, Annelise fell asleep in the sling. Just an hour before we had left all she knew and loved behind and got into a taxi. We kissed the top of her head and Daniel held out the camera to take this picture. Who knew, what a moving picture it is!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

She's HOME

Five months, one week since she was placed in our arms forever and I can honestly say she knows she is HOME. It was not an easy road for her. I watched her grieve. I saw her resist. I prayed. I watched her grow. Love. Trust. Annelise now positively MELTS into my arms. Lays her baby head on my chest whenever she can. She knows. Who her Daddy is, who her Mamma is and who her brothers are. Praise Him who let her fall in love with us. I just want to document this moment. This week I know, she knows, She is finally HOME.


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