Thursday, November 12, 2009

143 Million

Why are people so afraid of adoption? This has been on my heart, and I seem to come into daily contact lately with people voicing their fears on adoption. There are over 143 MILLION orphans in the world. MILLION. Every 2 seconds another child becomes an orphan. 2 SECONDS. 42,000 new orphans EVERY DAY. Those numbers are staggering.
What is there to be afraid of? The love of a child? Unconditional love received? Certainly having a biological child in no means guarantees you a life of ease and a "perfect" child. I have had a conversation recently with a woman who can not fathom why I would adopt. To put it nicely she was blown away that I may not have a full medical history and full mental history on my child's family line. "I just would be too afraid to not have that history" were her words. WHAT? I basically felt like I had nothing left to say to that person after that. 143 Million. Children. In need of loving parents. I know that not everyone is called to adopt. But, there sure ought to be more called with these staggering numbers. Will you answer the call? Will you deny a child the love they so derserve? PLEASE consider the orphans. Consider the blessings that will come to you by being so priveledged to get to LOVE one of God's children.
143 Million. Where will you go?

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  1. It is truly staggering that more people do not build their families through adoption. Thank you for your passion on this!!!



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