Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why Korea? (from Oct. 15, 2009)

I have been thinking this morning on how to answer questions about why we chose Korea. My answer will be “Because that is where the Lord led us and that is where our daughter will be born.” I have already had a few “why not adopt from the States” comments. To those I will respond that the Lord leads different people different ways in adoption. If everyone adopted from the States, who would care for the orphans in other countries? And if we all went to Africa, who would care for those in China? And if none of us adopted domestically, where would I be? (I was adopted as an infant) My point being, these comments gave me pause, and at first I felt guilty for going outside our borders. Then my HEART and the heart of HIM spoke to me. We are being called to Korea by HIM. He has our daughter named and meant for our family. We may have no idea if she is conceived, but my God knows and has angels around her. He will know her today, the day she is born, and will keep her in His care until we can care for her here on earth. And that, my friends, gives me the peace to be able to hold tight and trust that our daughter will be safely taken care of until the day comes that I will finally be able to count her sweet toes, kiss her cheeks and tell her just how much we all love her.
(I think it is so cool that as soon as I hit publish, my phone rang from the head of the Korea program at our international agency. Coincidence, I think not!)

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