Saturday, November 28, 2009

2 months

I realized today it has been two months since we went to our first meeting about Korean adoption. It feels like longer than that, but I think that is because for a few months before that we were working on paperwork for a Chinese adoption. I feel like things are moving very very slowly with our homestudy, but I think I am just antsy and anxious for it to be finished so we can get the ball rolling. I heard from our social worker and we have our second meeting in a few weeks (finally) and I think the third and final visit can be set up really soon after that. This can be such a hard process because everything is so out of my hands to a point. I know God has a plan for our family and has little Leah safely in His care. But I just can't wait until the day we get our referral on our baby girl. And I have a picture - and can look at her!! Weekends are hard because I know I can't call our agency and bug them - sigh. I am sure they are happy to have a break from anxious adoptive parents like me!!
Happy Saturday everyone. I will now go stalk those of you who have brought your adoptive little ones home and sigh about how darn cute they are!!

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  1. It's a long, tough road to adoption. It definitely takes a lot of patience :( But luckily there are plenty of AP blogs (like mine) that can help you through :)



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