Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fingerprints today!

Going to get fingerprinted. At least we know the drill - we did it for China before we switched countries. One less thing on my check list - that is always a relief!!!

I figured out that both of my referalls had indeed sent in their referall and our agency somehow never got them. Hmmmm... One friend even faxed and snail mailed it. Odd. Don't you think? The supervisor at our agency said she never has such problems with reference letters. Oh and she said I have bad luck. Awesome.

Today is a new day - and it is sunny out - a miracle after a week of rain and gloom. I think the park is calling after the fingerprints!! :) Happy Saturday!


  1. yay for fingerprints, boo for the agency saying you have bad luck! more like they may have bad organization!!! have fun at the park!

  2. I don't know what is up with this agency but I would note it all down and let your other agency know. This might help someone else down the line. You really want to tell these people, look, bad luck is getting hit by a bus, not having referrals sent in and your people not being organized enough. Oh wait, you are doing domestic right?? lol Maybe she threw them away or put them in the wrong file?? I think your one agency does not have it together, your SW especially to be more specific.



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