Friday, November 13, 2009

Blessings in store....

I was feeling really down today as I ran out to the grocery store about our paperwork holding up our second homestudy. I ran into the Christian bookstore to get the Addison Road cd and I saw this group of little girls come walking in. One of them was a little Asian girl who was adorable. Daniel and I keep going back and forth about our two favorite names, Leah and Mia. Mia means wished for child. This little girl in the bookstore today just took my breath away, then when I heard her name, I knew it was a special sign for me. Her name was Mia. It has been so hard today and I have been feeling overwhelmed with all this paperwork and how things are so out of my hands with this adoption.
What a special blessing for me. !:)



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We are waiting to adopt our fourth child from the U.S.A. I am a momma to three other awesome children and wife to the love of my life. My boys are homegrown and my daughter is adopted from S. Korea . We cannot wait to meet our next baby!