Friday, November 13, 2009

Hold Up

Oh dear. I spoke to our social worker and she has not received two of the references and I know for a fact one of them sent it in a while ago. So I have to get that resolved. Also, she said she has to have our fingerprint cards before moving on with the second homestudy. WHAT? The other worker told me to get that done in Dec. so I have not done it yet. Now we are held up and I just sent in my CPS report this week. I think she has to have that in, also. AGH. Again I was told to not do that until a week ago. This is all so confusing and now I am so frazzled because everything is held up until this documentation gets in.
Phooey. :(

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  1. i hate it when messages get mixed up like that. it seems like it happens a lot in adoption, too! i hope you can get it all straightened out!!! i'll be so glad to finally have all this part done and just be on the wait list!!!



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