Sunday, November 29, 2009


Does anyone out there have any info on Social Welfare Society Korea? Eastern seems to have so much info, including a website, but the SWS website is down. I would love info on it, if any of you adopted your baby thru there.

For a little education: There are 4 agencies in Korea American agencies go thru to adopt. I copied this from adopt Korea:

Eastern Social Welfare Society (Eastern/ESWS)
Social Welfare Society (SWS)
Holt Children Services (Holt)
Korea Social Services (KSS
" These four primary Korean agencies are responsible for protecting and providing for its orphaned and abandoned children. They are answerable to the Korean government and only work with certain adoption agencies
who have been approved to place Korean children."

If you are curious on the Korean adoption process, adoptKorea is a wonderful website filled with geat information.

So if any of you do have info on SWS please let me know! Thanks!


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment/question on my blog about the prayer from Eastern (ESWS). It was published in a e-newsletter from our adoption agency here in the US, which we received last week. I also read it in a newsletter we received while at Eastern when we picked up our child. I don't know if SWS says a similar prayer or not...I'm sure they do if are they Christian-based like Eastern. The Eastern prayer was written by the original director/founder of Eastern, who just recently his mid-90's! His daughter runs Eastern now...and she continues her father's tradition by saying the prayer.

  2. We are going through Eastern, but I know some of my blog friends went through SWS, including Christine over at and she might be able to answer some questions for you....

  3. We did go through SWS! (As did Elizabeth and Krista) What would you like to know... I'll do my best to answer it - or to find out. I LOVE SWS!

  4. Oh yay Christine - where is their website?

  5. We will be traveling to SWS HOPEFULLY soon. From what I have heard we will be meeting our daughter at her foster families home for a few hours. We must be in Korea for three business days. If we are leaving on Sat or Sun we can have her Friday usually after naptime.

    We plan on staying at the SWS guesthouse. I can fill you in on more after our trip! :)



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