Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I have conquered you!! I sent it out at the post office this morning after making copies at the copy center with a very grumpy Anderson. He screamed at the post office because i would not let him eat a cracker off the floor or try to eat my pen I was trying to write with. Hallelujah I finally got it out. And I put we are traveling to get Leah on the petition, I hope if we change our minds and need an escort that does not create a problem.
I am so happy - I think I am finished with paperwork for now. I just have to wait for our fingerprinting appointment. Yay.

(The 1-600 A is an orphan petition to USCIS to be approved to bring our baby into the country by the US gov't. )


  1. woo hoo! celebrate each victory :)
    and i hope you can travel - it was one of the greatest experiences of our lives!!!

  2. I really want to travel, but I don't think Daniel can leave his work for that long. And I am worried about leaving Anderson.....but I am really thinking I want to meet her foster mother.

  3. Awesome!!! Congratulations!!!!

    The trip doesn't have to be that long. SWS requires three business days but if you want to stay longer you can. I plan on traveling alone if something comes up and my husband can't go. I have heard from many people that have traveled alone and had a great experience.

    If you have not joined the Holt bulletin board you should. You do not need to be a Holt family to join. There are people on the board form all agencies... US and Korean. It is the largest Korean adoption board I have found. Lots of great info and everyone is very supportive.

  4. YAY! That feels good to get that in the mail, eh?



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