Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Second homestudy meeting

It is taking forever (or so i think) for us to have our second homestudy meeting. We had our first one almost 2 months ago. I did not realize our social worker had to have all our background checks in to interview us for our second meeting. (and I have checked around, it seems most social workers will do the second homestudy meeting without all this.) When I realized it about 3 weeks ago I rushed around getting them all in. But our social worker still does not have them all back yet. gRRRR..... She thinks she should have them this week - I hope so! If she gets them we can set up our meeting for next week. I just want this homestudy over with so we can keep things moving. Hurry up background checks, hurry up!!!
This feels like the longest homestudy ever.....
Someone tell me I am over-reacting and yours took longer....


  1. Ours took a very long time... mostly because we had started with Vietnam and then decided to switch to Korea. So we applied in September, finalized the HS in March, had to find a second agency for Korea, applied to them in May, HSTK the following September. It drove me batty... but now I realize I wouldn't have Spencer as my son if it worked any other way. Hang in there!!

    Do you feel better?

  2. Yeah, we were like Christine. First HS for Viet Nam in July of 2007, second one for Korea in April of 2008. So trust us, yours is not taking so long. And you know, we had the same clearance issue too. It was one of those things we didn't do right away and then we were sorry b/c it took longer than we wanted.

  3. i've always heard that the home study is the part that takes the longest. i guess we were just lucky to get a social worker than finished all our visits without having our background clearances in hand... hang in there!!! i think EVERYTHING takes longer than we want :\

  4. Mine did not take that long. We had all our visits within 3 weeks.



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