Monday, December 14, 2009

A Monday

Well today was definately a Monday. Daniel tried to leave for work this morning to find that both our cars were broken into overnight and his GPS and some other valuables were taken. Well, actually we forgot to lock our cars, which we usually do, so they were just opened, no broken glass or anything. Nothing was gone from my car. I guess the crook was not interest in my two cowmooflage car seats. (whew) Our neighbors car doors were wide open, too. Bummer!! We are going to install a floodlight to turn on when motion is detected for out there - no garage.
On to happier notes, Jack and I made Christmas cookies and had lots of fun. Anderson napped thru the festivities, poor guy.
OH, and comment moderation is now permanently on, so if your comment does not immediately show up, it will. (unless you comment in another rambling language which i do not understand and am worried about what it says) - anyone know how to erase a comment?

These pictures were taken right before we figured our cars were broken into, and Anderson was going to get to help with the cookies, but then got to sleepy after we sorted thru and yes, it was pillsbury all the way!!!


  1. They didn't steal the cowmooflage car seats?! What?! I would have been all over those! Seriously though, I'm so sorry your cars got broken into - things like that make me so angry. I'm not sure how to erase a comment since I've never tried it. Did you get a weird one?

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry about your very Monday Monday :( Ugh.
    Comments - view your blog as we all see it and click to view comments. There's a little trash can icon below each one. Just click on that and follow the directions.

  3. yeah, what elizabeth said... the trash can...

    what a bummer!!! i'm sorry. that stinks! glad Christmas cookies were fun though!

  4. OH YUCK!!! That's such a bummer!!! We've had that situation here (but our cars were in the garage when the crooks came through the hood, so we were fine). But it stunk for everyone else. Sorry to hear that!!

    Mmm... cookies!

  5. Oh so sorry to hear about your cars. That stinks!

  6. Stupid thieves! Sorry about that. Hope the cookies made it a little better...



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