Wednesday, December 9, 2009


For all your responses to my whiny post yesterday. They made me feel better! We started out with China, so that may be why I feel like my homestudy is taking long. I feel like I have been paperchasing for awhile......
But on to great news - CONGRATS to my bloggy friend Kelly on her referral of a beautiful baby boy they have named Max.
This is my first referral of a bloggy friend I have actually known before the referral, and I am so excited to get to hear all about it!! How's that for a Christmas present to remember?
And my other bloggy friend, Elizabeth is hosting an auction for an adorable Loopy from Pororo the Penguin. Go visit her and bid to benefit her Tenth Life for Kitties foundation. Pororo the peguin is an adorable Korean cartoon that is very popular in Korea.

Yea for bloggy friends. :)



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