Monday, December 7, 2009

Busy weekend

Oh my I worked myself into a tizzy all weekend. Moving rooms around, Christmas decorations, and cleaning out our disgusting disgusting basement laundry area. I am happy to announce, that, despite seriously pulling a muscle in my back, my house looks great, I have Christmas decorations up and I can now do laundry in a much cleaner environment.
We moved Daniel's office to our apartment in the basement because his friend that was renting it from us moved cities. So, now I get a whole room for the boys to play in. And my sunroom is now free of toys. I know some pictures would be great but that is what I want for Christmas, my own camera. Daniel uses our digital for his job. But, I am going to snag it from him later today to hopefully show some pics of our house. I got some cute car artwork at Target yesterday and put it up in my new playroom (which will be Jack and Anderson's bedroom when Leah comes home.)
I am so tired from the weekend!! But now I am so proud of my house. I only have one closet to clean out before the homestudy. whew......
What did you do this weekend?
P.s. - I feel so bad for the boys because they basically had to watch us clean and organize all weekend. I am taking them to see Santa today and to ride the Christmas train!


  1. Uhm... can you come visit me and help me do all those fabulous things?! :-)

    I actually got all of our adoption announcements finished, all the thank you notes (from showers on...) and all of our christmas cards done... so I was very productive too. Whew!

  2. The homestudy visit motivated us!!
    Sounds like you were very productive!!

  3. Wow, what a productive weekend....doesn't it feel great? I also had a weekend of cleaning out/organizing, but I only got to my clothes. I did get rid of a bunch of stuff, which always feel so good...I love simplifying these days!!

  4. Wow! You got a LOT done! There's nothing like a bit of pressure or a deadline to get things moving. I ran errands all weekend, not very exciting.

  5. I'm exhausted just reading about all you accomplished this weekend! I need to do some serious cleaning out and organizing too. It's one of those things that stays on my to-do list for years. Maybe before we have our little guy home it'll happen?!



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