Friday, December 4, 2009


Well last night we had our first adoption education meeting and it went really well. Honestly, I already knew much of what was spoken about, but we met another couple adopting from South Korea and that was awesome. They are a few months ahead of us in the process and were so nice. They have a 5 year old daughter they adopted from Russia. Another couple was adopting domestically.
Being an adoptee myself, I kinda felt like last night was a therapy session for me. It was reassuring to hear the director explain about how our adoptive child will feel and I felt myself thinking, yep, right on. That is exactly how I feel. Of course, international adoption will bring some different feelings out but some of it will be exactly the same. I think it is so neat that I will be able to share that bond with Leah, and really understand how she feels, at least in part. I think my being adopted is why my heart has always wanted to adopt.
Now onto my dreams. They are very vivid and always about adoption. Last night I was actually in Seoul, holding a little Korean baby boy walking into the place where I would meet his foster mom. It was so REAL. The little boy was tiny and squirmy and oh so cute. Odd it was a little boy, eh? I remember thinking in my dream "this is so awesome." Almost every other night since we started this adoption I have dreams involving it. How about you? When you were in the adoption process, (or now if you are like me) did you have dreams about your future child all the time? I remember when I was pregnant with the boys, many of my dreams revolved around my future children. I am finding adoption is similar to pregnancy in more ways than I realized.....


  1. Being that I am a newer reader, I had no idea you were adopted... how interesting! (In a good way - I just love what you find out via blog posts)

    I didn't have very many dreams... and it's a good thing cause they were always _So_Wrong_. Like I would have a teenage boy, or five year old twins, or other weird stuff... it always stressed me out!

  2. I had tons of wacky dreams. One I distinctly remember getting our baby and she was TINY. Like fit in the palm of one hand tiny. Creepy and cute all at once.

  3. Lol - my dream was all wrong last night in alot of ways. First, you do not get the baby before meeting the foster mother (if you travel), second, it was like tomorrow in the process and I just went over to visit Korea and they handed me a baby without my homestudy being finished. lol. Elizabeth, a tiny baby in your palm - so cute!

  4. It's so interesting to discover that you were adopted! It will be so wonderful to share that bond with Leah.

    I had some dreams when we were in the process, but they were not very vivid. It always consisted of me meeting a child. Sometimes the child was a toddler, sometimes a baby, sometimes a girl. They were always different and always had me wondering in the morning.

  5. So, I read this and last night I had a crazy dream about a baby boy. it is all your fault!!!



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