Thursday, December 17, 2009

Second homestudy

Today we have our second homestudy visit. (finally) I am so nervous because I do not like being interviewed! I am afraid I will answer her questions all wrong. At the first visit on her question as to why I want to adopt internationally, I just teared up and could not even answer. Ugh. I think I have better answers today, and will try to just pretend she is a friend who does not hold the power of me getting to adopt in her hands. I know she is going to ask us how we have been incorporating more culture into our lives, as at the first meeting she told us we need to work on that. So we have been reading, watching Pororo (lol) and talking to Jack alot about Korea. I hope this all counts - no Korean festivals or markets around here to go to. So wish me calm nerves!!! They told me from the second meeting to the final home visit goes fast, so I am hoping she will come next Tues. for the final home visit. I want to get that done with. Oh and someone is cleaning our house Monday - perfect timing. (and a Merry Christmas to me!) I have someone clean our house about once every 6 weeks and it is heaven - i totally give up spending money for this luxery. I highly recommend! I guess some girls spa - i do this!
Wow I am wordy today. Then, after our second homestudy visit, we have our final education meeting. Long day! I am worried about leaving Anderson for so long, too because he is running a fever. Poor thing. But I can't reschedule anything, so hopefully a dose of motrin will help the little fella. I think he must have a virus. :(
I, of course, will tell you all about how it goes tomorrow.
Oh, and to Elizabeth, Olive's mommy, I am on pins and needles for a little more info. lol. thanks.
Happy Thursday friends!


  1. I can't wait to hear how this visit goes. Keep calm girl, it is just a stranger prying into your personal life!! LOL Seriously though, if you get stuck, just say you are researching it and that you are learning more and more each day about the culture and figuring out what fits best into your family dynamics!!!

  2. I felt that way to for our homestudy... but really the social workers just want to help you get ready to adopt, not prevent you from adopting (unless there is some blatantly obvious reason not to.) They will ask questions that make you think so you are sure you realize this is what you want to do.

  3. Ha ha! I can't believe you called me out in your blog! I promise more info today :) Soon, my friend.
    I know it's tough, but try and relax for the SW visits. They're truly there to help you. And I figure if you're nervous, that means you're normal, and that you are likely an AWESOME candidate.
    Oh, and my xmas gift is (hopefully) a deep cleaning for our house. For ME, not the SW. It's funny - she came last week and we barely even vacuumed.

  4. those things count! that's great that you've been doing that stuff!!! it's gonna go fine! can't wait to hear about it :-)

  5. I can understand being nervous (I was) but now that I've been through it, I truly believe they want you to succeed (not fail) and there are no "right" answers, they just want to know you've thought about these things. Good luck!

  6. Oh, PLUS - You're already a MOM. I mean what better preparation! You're 99% of the way there!!!

  7. We will be starting our homestudy in January hopefully, and I am right there with ya. It makes me a nervous wreck just to think about it! I'm sure everything will be great.

  8. I'm just now seeing this... but am glad it went well (I had no worries!) :-)



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