Saturday, December 12, 2009


Wow - First official piece of mail from the US Gov't today - our I-797C, Notice of Action. We do not have our fingerinting appt. yet, as they still have to receive our homestudy, but it says that is the next step. WOO-HOO. I was worried our i-600A did not get to the offices.
We have our second homestudy meeting set up for this week, and I am hoping she will do the third in-home visit right after Christmas so we can get this going.
I am just so excited for an official piece of mail from the Gov't saying they are aware we are adopting. Happy dance, happy dance.!!!


  1. Things like that just put your heart at ease, eh?

  2. I loved getting that piece of paper in the mail!

  3. yay!!! glad they got it and glad they're "acting"!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I remember being very glad to see that same thing in my mailbox this summer- it made me feel like the ball had finally gotten rolling (officially) - so YAY!

  5. You are so right, Kelly. I think you summed it up perfectly - I feel like the ball is rolling!

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