Thursday, December 31, 2009


Let me tell you a little about Anderson, my youngest. He is 16 months old, and definately was not born early like his big brother! Anderson was 8lbs. 6oz., born at 39 weeks via c-sec. Big boy - imagine if I had gone another week!!! He is just a sweet little boy. He is definately a mamma's boy, too. He loves his big brother Jack and his daddy, too.

Anderson's favorite words are Mamma and Cacker (cracker). lol. He reminds me alot of Jack at this age, but I think he is more shy. Jack was a bit more independant. Lately he has a little temper, which is kinda funny, yet kinda worrysome. (already??) He cackles when he laughs and it is hilarious! Here are some pictures of my second little sweetie!


  1. What a chubby little guy! And cute!

  2. What a lucky girl Leah is going to be with two wonderful big brothers!!! Love this little insight into your current youngest!



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