Saturday, January 2, 2010

Organizing like a mad woman

Ummm.... I am not sure what it is, but I am organizing my house like a crazy woman lately. It has gotten worse this week, I think "maybe" it is my way of dealing with not being able to control much of anything about this adoption. When our social worker delayed our last home visit, I think mentally I started organizing closets. I am organizing stuff I have never organized before. I bought a whole system to organize giftwrap. "really? giftwrap?" Yes, you need a gift, I can wrap it for anything. Oh and a whole three drawer cart for organizing all my stationary and cards I have bought for people, then lost before I gave it to them. So today I spent most of the morning locating those cards and storing them in my neat little cart. Need a card? I am Hallmark. Let's not go to the toys. I have them all sorted by dinosaur type, car type, you name it. Tomorrow I am on to pictures. And the kids closet. By the time Leah comes home I think I will have everything cataloged like the library. OH DEAR.


  1. I love organizing! It sort of sounds like you are nesting. Your house will be ready for Leah soon.

  2. Ummm... yeah. For me it's the beginning of the year that always gets me into that mode. Then it's all destroyed by the end of February... sigh.

  3. Whatever the reason for the organization frenzy, GO WITH IT!!! :)

  4. You crack me up!! Just make sure you keep that adoption paperwork organized lady!! Hope you are having a good new year, miss our chats!!

  5. i know the feeling! so sorry you are having trouble with the home study stuff. it's good to channel your frustration into something productive though!

    i love that you have the dinosaurs sorted by type. i nearly shed a tear of happiness. i love being that detailed in my organizing!

  6. Sue- lol. A tear of happiness. You would really like my new ornament storage system.....

  7. You are so funny. As you know, I recently had the organization bug too! But with two kids already, your organization skills have clearly taken a professional turn! (By dinosaur type??? I love it.) If I need something wrapped or a card, I surely know where to come! (Now, where do you live???)

    I do think it helps channel the home study frustration and as a bonus it's productive. It's healthier than dealing with your frustration by, say, becoming an alcoholic! :)



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