Thursday, January 14, 2010

Working with two agencies

Alrighty, I just have to get this off my chest. I am fed up with working with a homestudy agency and then a seperate international adoption agency. I get two different ways to do things from both of them on everything. It is so confusing and I am frustrated!! Did any of you send your own homestudy in to USCIS? From our international agency perspective, our homestudy agency should be doing this, but they refuse. I spoke to our international agency head today and she is very frustrated with my social worker and says she is not being very "accomadating." I, in turn don't want to mess with USCIS, and sent in my I-600A with a cover letter that our agency was sending in my homestudy. I told our international agency today, that it fine, if our SW wants us to send it in, no problem. But she told me she is calling my SW's supervisor to see what is going on. AGH.... this is so stressful. I just want a baby from Korea.
Did any of you work with two agencies, and if you did did you run into any issues?


  1. We worked with two agencies. And this is the same thing we're doing now, since we're searching for a waiting child. Our SW just gives US 6 notarized copies of our own home study to do with what we will. So we send in our HS with our I600A paperwork, and we pass it along to our placing agency when we find one. Really, your SW should be giving YOU copies of the HS, as well as sending some to your placing agency.
    In any case, I'm sorry it's stressing you out. Unfortunately, so much of this process is just out of our hands and we have to scramble around, finding ways to make it all work out.
    good luck!!!

  2. Okay, well that makes me feel better! thanks elizabeth!

  3. I'm sorry - that sounds really, really frustrating. We did not have two. And honestly the more I hear from others (Christine has had some issues with two as well and maybe she'll weigh in on this discussion ...), the more I'm thankful that we just had one for homestudy and placement. As much as I complain about our sw, she does do everything for us. So that part's pretty convenient.

  4. Oh, where do I start?! I have to say, the ONE thing that went according to plan was the I-600A submission. Our HS agency did that, and there was actually someone there who just handled that sort of stuff. It took a bunch of annoying phone calls between her and the director of the Korea program at our placement agency, but I didn't have to deal with it too much... they were able to work together on that front. Since coming home, it's been a whole different story though. To the point of our placing agency refusing to work with our HS agency from here on out. (As in EVER, with ANYONE.) Good times I tell you, good times. There have been a LOT of very angry phone calls from this household.

    I'm sorry you are having so much frustration over this. It's super annoying - I know! It's the only option for us here (the two agencies who do "the whole thing" in our state we didn't gel with. At all. Now, if we want to expand our family, we need to basically start over. Which ticks me off. Big time. Luckily we are on really good terms with the placement agency still...

  5. We did everything with only one agency...and they sent in our Home Study for us. I'm sorry to hear this is a frustrating step for you. I hope it gets sorted out soon.

  6. uggh. i'm sorry. i was confused just reading your post - i can't imagine what it has been like to live it! i hope you can get things figured out soon.

  7. Christine - sounds like a nighmare - i am so sorry!!!!



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