Thursday, January 21, 2010

Holding Pattern

I am so anxious this week. I am waiting on our homestudy to be mailed to me and right now our international agency should be reviewing it. I think I am the one that will be sending it to USCIS so I can get our fingerprinting appt. but still waiting to hear back on that. HOLDING PATTERN. I hope I have those homestudy copies in my hot little hands by Monday. I may lose my mind. Seriously. This is hard. Everything is so out of my control. I have to wait on the agency to get me my copies, then I have to wait on USCIS to issue our fingerprinting appts. Then once we get that done I have to wait for clearance. I feel like if I can just get our paperwork to Korea, I will be able to have something to look forward to. I will be actually waiting for a referral. Right now I am just stuck in a muck. It feels like it is taking forever to get our paperwork to Korea. Thanks for listening to my whine. I am tired of organizing and cleaning. Daniel actually told me I am cleaning too much. lol. I just don't know what to do to feel better about this. Maybe I need a hobby. That does not involve Mr. Clean.


  1. hey, you listened to me so i'll happily listen to you! i hope you can get that study off to USCIS sooooon! and yes, you're correct, we are not waiting on the same fingerprint clearance you will be waiting on! totally different :-) we'll wait on that eventually as well, but with our agency we can get on the wait list before our USCIS clearance...

  2. I was a complete mess until our paperwork went to Korea. Everything took forever. And our USCIS office is S-L-O-W. I did fabulous once our home study was in Korea and our referral came super fast (yay!), so the wait for referral never got as hard as the wait for the paperwork to get over there. Now we'll see how I do with the next part :-)

  3. I hope my story is like yours. :) So super about your referral!

  4. Vent all you want! It's REALLY hard to wait. And, sadly, it doesn't get much easier. The life of a PAP is waiting. Period. I think most APs will tell you that the unintended lesson we all learn along the way is NOT patience, but succumbing to the fact that it is all out of our control. And as much as we wish it weren't, it is. I don't say this to frustrate or discourage you, but to let you know that your feelings are completely natural and very familiar to so many of us! Hang in there!!!

  5. Yes, the waiting is SO hard....and like Elizabeth said, it doesn't get much easier, but letting go of the control can be pretty "freeing"! I hope your paperwork is in Korea soon....until then, just hang in there! And yes, find a hobby that you love! :-)

  6. Whine away!! I so remember those days and they were TOUGH. While it doesn't necessarily get easier to wait, at least you are "ticking off" time once your HSTK happens. [Meaning "one month down, two months down, etc.]



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