Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lots on my mind

I have alot of thought going thru my brain on this early Saturday morning. Don't worry, I have already chugged 2 cups of coffee so I am starting to think clearer already. Daniel and I stayed up late last night figuring out where we are going to put Leah when she comes home. As in, where do I get to put a crib with pink bedding??? He suggested our room, ummm, no, she has to have her own space. That suggestion was quickly tossed out. She can share a room with her brothers. we are not having 3 children in one room, sorry. (fine if no other option, but we have another spare room) The problem is we have two bedrooms upstairs and one down. SO we mulled over adding an addition to the front of our house for a small baby room but decided that is crazy since we want to move in a few years and would rather save that money to move to a larger house faster. SO we decided to move Jack to the main level bedroom and get him a sweet bunk bed setup to convince him this is a really great idea. Anderson and Leah's room will be painted light green, and I will get this sweet pottery barn bedding with pink in the stripe for Leah and boy stripe for Anderson's big boy bed. Then I can decorate a little girly over on Leah's side of the room and do something new and fun and boyish on Anderson's side. Jack can pick out his theme - to hopefully get him excited about his new room. What do you think about my plan??

I was thinking about stripe baby bedding for Leah and blue stripe toddler quilt and bedding for Anderson's side of the room. With the owl plush for Leah's bed with a mural over like in this pottery barn picture, and the frog plush for Anderson with the frog mural over his bed. (or the fox or dog) And both sets of bedding have a light green stripe like in my future wall color -


  1. I love the owls. Can't wait to see what the rooms will look like!

  2. i think that's a great idea, and i love the bedding!

  3. Wow!! You have been thinking a lot!! I think the excitement bug has hit you!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the owls, what a HOOT!!! I think it will be awesome, you will have to share pics!! I wonder what Jack will want, that sounds scary and exciting for him.

    BTW: talked to my agency and the wait has changed, they are saying 6-10 months to referral, wanted to pass the info along since I know we both have SWS. Your wait could be way different depending on the SN you agreed to.

  4. Isn't it fun to plan all this? I know it's stressful, but it's super-fun too. Sounds like you guys have a great plan!

  5. I'm a total owl nut. I LOVE the bedding here. CUTE!!

  6. Heather, I am with SWS as well and am curious what your agency was quoting before. Ours is still saying 6-8 months, but so many people are getting referrals after 5 months.

  7. Sandra, I just talked to our agency this past week and they are still saying 6-8 mos. as well, but she told me they are getting them faster than that, but no solid pattern. I think I remember Heather saying her agency was saying 3-6 mos. - but maybe she will clear this up for us!



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