Monday, January 11, 2010

Count DOWN

24 HOURS people, 24 hours. My house is spotless, I have a mountain of research on special needs I have looked into over the weekend, I have a book on Korea for children Jack and I will be going over today. (he keeps telling us we are getting a baby sister from China, and I am trying to help him understand where Korea is and how it is different from China) I am not really doing this for the visit, just picked it up at the Library for him and want to read it. Bring on the home visit!
(and Daniel informed me that if I "happen" to be reading this to Jack when our social worker walks in, he will pretend to not know me!) haha


  1. it's going to go so great! can't wait to hear about it!!! maybe you can just have that book lying on an end table somewhere. hahahaha!

  2. Yippee! You'll all be GREAT! No worries!

  3. You can do it! You'll be great tomorrow :)

  4. The home study will be great. Sounds like you are more than ready!

  5. Good luck! It'll be a piece of cake after all your preparation! Keep us posted on how it goes :)

  6. YIPPPEEE!!! So very, very close!

    I love Daniel's comment... that's fabulous!

  7. You sound super-duper ready. It will go great. Looking forward to hearing about it. Good luck!!



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