Friday, January 8, 2010

Picture Book

Yesterday I bought this for Leah. I am going to send it to her and her foster family once we get her referral, so she can look at pictrures of us. Some things I love about this book:
1) It is pink
2) My baby girl will one day hold it
3) I can fill it now with pictures of us and her brothers
4) It looks durable
5) It has a sweet little bee on the front
6) It was under $10 so I did not feel guilty indulging
7) It is soft
8) It will be filled with people who love Leah


  1. oh it's so cute! where did you find it?

  2. This is so great. We sent a similar one over to X while we were waiting. When we met him we learned it was one of his favorite toys to chew on!

  3. Jenny, Target!
    Kris - that is so cute!

  4. The picture book we sent S is still one of his favorite things. He'll often pull it out just to look at the pictures...

  5. Yay! We just bought one very similar at Target too. We hope to send Max a care package in the next week or so (still working on his knitted hat :) We haven't picked the photos yet but I'm excited!

    Kris - that is so sweet.

  6. We sent a book like this (not pink, of course) to D in his care package. His foster mother gave it back to us when we were there it had been chewed on, so I'd say he at least taste-tested it while in Korea while he waited for us. ;-) Now I've changed out a few of the photos to include grandparents. Our agency said to put photos in of immediate family only (us) when we sent it over there, but now we use is as a family book since he doesn't see his grandparents all the time.

  7. We also sent a similar book to Alex - I think it really helped with recognizing our faces. Alex still loves to play with it :)



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