Monday, January 4, 2010

Pororo loot

My Dad lives in South Korea and works as a flight instructor in Seoul. (for Korean Air) He was coming to the states for Christmas so of course I begged for any Pororo loot he could bring back for me, errr my kids. He found these cute little Pororo bath squirters over there. He brought three packs. One is a pack of 3 with Pororo and 2 of his little buddies. The other two are singular and one has a little character with a pink scarf and the other is just another lone Pororo character. Funny story, Jack decided that the pack of 3 was his (duh, more for him), Anderson gets the other lone character (Eddie the fox) and baby sister gets the one with the pink scarf, named Petty. So I hid Leah's away in her "stash box" in the closet and Jack keeps finding it bringing it out telling me "this is my baby sister's toy." SO CUTE! Every time he does it it melts my heart a little.....

The toys look just like these.... might be the same actually. So cute - Dad, if you are reading I need more Pororo. :)


  1. That's so cool about your dad living in Seoul. Uhm, I'm jealous.

  2. Um, you KNOW we're all drooling here!!!
    Yeah, Dad, bring more Pororo! For everyone!

  3. Awesome! I love me some Pororo :) I'll have to post photos of the Pororo loot I bought this weekend at HMart. So awesome that your dad lives in Seoul! I had no idea.... can he speed up the process some how? :)

  4. That is SO COOL! I can't believe your dad lives in Seoul! Wow! So jealous of the loot!



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