Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Question for those of you that are adopting

To all my new adopting friends: how long was it before your homestudy was wrapped up? I know a few of you moved thru at lightning speed...but I was just wondering an average here. I think ours should be written by the 4 month mark and hopefully we will be fingerprinted sometime shortly around there..... Just wondering... I know I could go stalk all your blogs but I am tired and hoped some of you would just give me some numbers.... thanks! ;)

OH and what was the time frame in starting paperwork to having your baby in your arms??


  1. Our situation was unique. We started a VN adoption and that HS took probably a month or less. But we're a bit psycho-efficient so we had all the paperwork ready to go. The actual WRITING of the HS probably took a week or so once we had all our meetings and paperwork submitted.
    Then we found Olive. We had a rewrite of the HS in 1-2 weeks. Since O was a waiting child, we found her April 1st, and she was with us July 18. Super fast.

  2. I actually don't know how long it was before our homestudy was wrapped up. We trusted our social worker and went with the flow. When we started the adoption process I didn't realize that other families kept timelines and tracked EVERYTHING.

    I can tell you that we had our first meeting at our agency in April '08 and brought Xavier home in May '09.

  3. Elisabeth, our first home study took about 3 months to be completed. when we swtiched countries and agencies, our new home study took just under 1 month - but our SW worked hard to get it done fast because of our circumstances.

    start our SK adoption to bringing baby home, was just under 1 year by a few days.

    i hope your home study is done soon!!!

  4. Elisabeth, I had to actually go back and look at my timeline, my it appears that we had our first mtg with social worker on March 12. Then we did all the paperwork, course work, and subsequent meetings in the next several months. Our home visit was July 1 then she wrote up our report and sent it to CIS on Aug. 4. So I guess home study was a total of about 4.5 months or so. Then we got our CIS fingerprints taken Aug. 31 and received I-600A approval on Sept. 15. Does that help?

  5. Thanks everyone - Kelly, I think our timelines are similar. I hope we get a referral along the same timeline you did!
    Elizabeth, wowyers, super fast. I think it is really neat you are going special needs again, I just wrote our agency yesterday asking about all the different special needs so we can talk with our social worker about writing it into the homestudy Tuesday..
    Kris and Sue - one year is a great timeline!

  6. totally don't go by ours... we had started with the korean, slowed down because we thought we had a long wait, and then sped back up super fast when we switched to ethiopia and now it's slow again b/c we have to wait for our FBI prints...

  7. I'm late to the game here... but we had a unique situation so I don't think our timeline would help (since we had to engage a second agency after the HS was done) I'd say a year sounds about average from other families I know...



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