Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Homestudy hold up

I am so sad. Our home visit which was supposed to be in 2 days has been put off for another 2 weeks because our social worker's sister in law just passed away and they are going out of state for her funeral for a week, and next week she is all backed up. I feel for her and her family for their loss, but at the same time I am so frustrated this homestudy is taking sooooo long. We have been at this for 3 months now. I can't get fingerprinted by the FBI until we get this homestudy to USCIS. Then we still have to wait for those to come back to them before our paperwork can be sent to Korea. I feel like we are never going to get our little girl. :(
I am very very upset. I see so many homestudies finishing up so fast. Why does mine have to be taking so long??? The holidays messed it up first, now this. Sigh.


  1. I totally understand your frustration. It took us 9 months from the day we applied to get our homestudy to Korea.
    I hope things speed up soon!

  2. ARGH!!! I hate it when things like that happen. We had a bit of a delay in the home visit too because our social worker was out of town for 2 weeks right when we were ready for that to move forward. It definitely stinks when there are hold-ups that are completely out of your control. Boy is that the story of adoption. I will repeat what other APs said to me at the time and that is - the timing will end up being perfect. You have to go through the bumps and the delays in order to end up with YOUR little girl and when you meet her you'll realize why it had to happen exactly the way it happened. So far, they've been right - we can't imagine being matched with anyone other than Max and I have a feeling I will feel that way when we finally get to meet him, too. Hang in there. We're thinking about you...

  3. I know how frustrated you must be. These things NEVER happen in the time frame we want them to. And it sounds like your poor SW is stressed to the MAX! Ugh... hang in there!

  4. I couldn't agree more with Kelly. The timing will end up perfect, even though this is so frustrating. Thinking of you and hoping things speed up.

  5. i'm sorry! that stinks. majorly. i know i'd be so upset too.

  6. Ugh...frustrating. When you are READY, you are SOOOOO READY to move, move, move. Hang in there...we're here with you. Some things move slower than you expect...but others will be quicker. :-)

  7. Thanks everyone - you made me feel better!! :)

  8. SOOOOO frustrating. We had a very sllllloooowwww process from the time we started to the time our HS went to Korea. (We also were part of that though)

    Now, we're on the flip side and just keep hitting road block after road block. The latest and greatest is that the person assigned to our case to see it through the courts RETIRED and they now need to fill her position. While our case sits there and waits. I feel like we will NEVER finalize!



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