Sunday, January 30, 2011

what's been going on?

I feel like I have not written in awhile, almost a week! So what have I been up to? Oh, I ordered Annelise's crib for starters. I can't wait till it comes in. It is espresso colored. I also bought some gifts for people we will meet in Korea. Social workers, foster dad, the next baby our foster family will keep. I am still hunting for the perfect foster mom gift. I want her to love it, but not really knowing her makes it hard. I have also been gathering info about what to pack, and what to do in Korea. I am also trying to compose a list of keepsakes to bring home for us, baby girl and some goodies for family. I keep reading Korean socks are amazing? And pj's too! There is a whole lot to do to get ready for Annelise, and I am happy it is keeping me busy. I really pray our 1600 gets approved fast, so this wait does not get too long. I just want my baby home! :) I will share pics of her nursery when my crib comes, it is so fun to decorate in pinks!


  1. Can't wait to see the Nursery, have a blast with your pink,girl!!

  2. You totally need to share some of those lists with me, girl! I need some help...right now my lists have lists!! :)

  3. A dream come true! I burst into happy tears every time I bought Lily anything. I can email you with gift ideas or Korea tips if you like.



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