Monday, January 24, 2011

Twas the night before referral.....

I don't think I have shared about the night before I got "the" best phone call of my life! I was rocking Anderson to sleep, and, as I always did, I was thinking about our baby on the other side of the world. But this night was very different. I felt a strange peace come over me. I actually was contemplating the fact that maybe she was not even born yet. I thought to myself "if my referral does not come until June, I will be ok. The daughter God meant for us to have will find her way to us." Yes, readers, for the first time in 8 loooong months, I gave it up. I surrendered our girl to God. I realized our adoption was so much bigger than my timeline. I was just finally ok with the wait. After months of agony, I realized it had gotten me nowhere but frantic. We had just spent the weekend in Georgia visiting family, and I had actually started telling family we may not even have her by next Christmas. (lol) And the craziest thing, after I had totally felt this amazing peace come over me I had this thought "I bet now our referral will come in tomorrow. I have totally surrendered our child to God."
11:14 am the next morning, my phone rang with the news that we had a 6 month old daughter, alive and well, residing in Seoul, South Korea. How great is my God?


  1. Wow! Very cool, thanks for sharing. I'm hoping for a bit of that peace. I'm praying for it. I've done pretty well up this point but this past week has been ROUGH. So excited to see Annelise in your arms!

  2. Surrender is SO hard and yet it brings such peace and joy. You would think it would get easier to truly surrender those we love to our God, but it's always a step of faith, isn't it? Just when I *think* I've got the hang of it, I realize I still have such a long ways to go!! :)



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