Friday, January 7, 2011

Acceptance paperwork SENT!

WOOOHOOOOOOO I sent off the mountain of acceptance paperwork this morning! I was practically skipping out of the UPS store, after showing every person who I saw her pictures. Then the boys and I went out for pizza to celebrate and bought Leah Bitna the cutest hairbow/headband to send in her care package. It matches this sweet little fleece outfit I am sending her. I am hoping her foster mom takes her picture in the outfit and bow and I get to see it on her!!!!!
One step closer!!!! Next up, waiting on Legals from Korea. All I do now is wait for travel call. We are thinking March or April, but it depends on how fast Korea and the U.S. processes her papers. I am just finding out if I can show pictures today or if I have to wait until Monday. Hopefully those will be up for you all later today.


  1. Exciting!!! Can't wait to see her sweet face :)

  2. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Hopefully they'll process everything SUPER fast!

  3. Oh, I bet it feels so good to get it all done and in the mail. Now, maybe you can breathe:)
    So cute you took the boys to celebrate with pizza, sounds like something we would do. I sure hope you post the picture today, I'm dying over here..ha ha.

  4. YAAAAY!!! Now show us her picture!!! :)

  5. so exciting!! can't wait to see her picture!

  6. HURRAY! I am so excited!!! Congratulations Mama!

  7. HOLY COW!!!!! I just jumped over here to check on you in hopes of hearing good news! YAHOO!!!! When I didn't see the ticker at the top I got a bit excited! I scrolled down to see you are getting a care package ready and thought, "maybe" then I saw the words REFERRAL!!!!!! So happy for you!



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