Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sent with love.....

Last Friday, I sent Annelise's care package to SWS in Korea. I have to be totally honest, it was emotional to send. I had to hold back tears when I filled out the customs form, because I was realizing she would be trying on these outfits, and squeezing her dolly without me there. But sending this little package of love was still really fun to do. Our agency is not quite as strict as some agencies on size of package, so I stuffed everything into two gallon ziplock baggies. It was a tight fit!!

Two cameras that will hopefully get filled up with pictures of our girl, and goodies for the foster parents, plus a letter to them. How do you thank someone who has loved your baby? Hard to put into words. The letter was in english, unfortunately. I am hoping the social worker will translate for them. Any tips on getting a letter translated for when we travel?

A dolly, that says "my first valentines day." Sadly, we will miss her first day, but I wanted her to have a little gift from us to celebrate a day all about love! And a sweet little elephant we have been sleeping with, so it has our scent. And a picture book with our pictures, so hopefully she will recognize us.

Two cute outfits, socks and a sleeper. Love all the pink!


  1. Looks like lots of yummy it! And it is so awesome that you get to travel so soon..Holt and Eastern need to get er together!

  2. So sweet! I love all the pink! She's going to be a stylin' little girl. The wait is harder than you think until you go through it. No matter how long a wait is...if it's fast or slow, it just plain stinks. Can't wait to see pics of her in your arms!

  3. Loving the pink! The package looks fantastic! Can't wait for her to be in your arms! Come on Legals!



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