Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby sista

What Anderson calls baby Leah Bitna "baby sista". So cute! I put one of her pictures in a ziploc baggie and he has been carrying it around looking at her sweet face. Same with Jack. They are so excited. Except Jack is worried that her lack of hair does not make her look like a girl. Lol. I told him she just needs a big bow!!! He is so funny. He told me he did not want to hurt her feelings, so he would tell her she looked like a girl. I about died laughing. (don't worry, she definately looks girly!) The boys seem to be taking the news well and getting excited. I think Jack was a bit shocked she looks Korean, even though we have been showing him korean baby pictures for a long time now. He said "but she does not look like you?" Then once he thought about it he decided that was ok and she needed a bow in her hair. :) I love my boys!!!


  1. Oh, what sweet little boys you have. They're going to be great big brothers!

  2. So happy to read that you are laughing :) I'm sure you still have a huge grin on! How could you not?!



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