Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So what's next?

I thought I should do a post on where we go from here! I am filling out acceptance paperwork today and trying to get everything together that we owe Korea. :) Once our agency receives our acceptance packet, they send them to SWS in Korea, and we wait for Korea to send us "LEGALS." Legals are the petition to transfer guardianship to our agency. Once our agency receives Legals, they file that copy with CIS along with our 1600 form (petition to classify an orphan as an immediate relative) and several other forms that i am still trying to figure out. That is as far into the process as my mind can take me right now. Once I get this paperwork in, I will give a post about the rest of the process. I know the average it takes from referral to travel call is 8-12 weeks.
I will post pictures of our girl as soon as I get this acceptance paperwork in. I am required to wait on that (sorry!). But she is amazing, just so you know. :)
And I wanted to give you a tidbit of information on her in her file. "Bitna is gentle, girlish and calm" How lovely is that? I just love her name.
I owe you all a big post about the official referral, and I will try to get to that tonight. Monday, January 3rd was an amazing day, well worth every tear, prayer, sigh, and worry I have gone thru over the past 15 months 7 days that led me to Monday. And, guess what? Bitna was the 1st referral of 2011 for our agency!!!


  1. "Bitna is gentle, girlish and calm"..... SO lovely!

  2. So cool to be the first referral of the New Year! Hoping our agency has several more soon (ours included!)! :)

    If you get a chance I'd love to hear more about what the referral was like (phone call and meeting) - as much as you're comfortable sharing. Living vicariously! :) So excited for Bitna to come home!!!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! How did I miss yesterday's post?!!! I am SO EXCITED for ya'll!!! I kind of wondered when I saw the Bible verse that you posted on Monday!!! :) YAY!! So thrilled that you have seen your daughter's face!! Praise God! And I love her name! Beautiful!!

  4. You are getting so close to having your daughter home! So excited for you, Elisabeth!

  5. I have a good (while a little dated now) package that our agency put together about the SWS that many of my blogging friends have used since their agency didn't provide anything. Let me know if you would like it. I also have my own list of tips about staying in the SWS if you like (including where to eat!!)



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