Monday, April 19, 2010

No approval yet....

So hopefully someone who guessed a date later than today will win. Tomorrow is the day Barker said I could call them to help me if I did not have my approval yet. They really thought I would have it by today. NOPE! Is it silly I just can't wait to call them in the morning?
Oh where oh where are you my dear 1-600A approval????
9 weeks and counting.....


  1. Grrr! So sorry. Our home study was sent there yesterday so we're about to start the frustrating wait. I was really hoping you'd have it by now! Hugs and hoping for tomorrow!

  2. Waiting to hear if you talked to Barker. Thinking of you and praying for approval to show up in the mail!

  3. Christy, Yes, talked to Barker. They sent in an inquiry on Tuesday to USCIS and I am supposed to know something by tomorrow.

  4. that is just too long! hope you get your approval soon!



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