Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flashback Saturday

I have a bloggy friend (Elizabeth)
who has little Olive. She has Flashback Friday and I love it. So I thought I would do a little flashback Saturday. Here I am pregnant with Anderson. So fun! I was at the "not very large" stage. Maybe some day I will show the "very large" picture. Maybe. :)

We are moved into our new house. (well, sorta) We still have many things to move out of the old house but we love this new house. We are currently cooking dinner in our double oven. Lemon pepper pork chops in one and cheesy potatoes in the other. Good thing I worked out today, right? :)

Here is Elizabeth's blog:
(my link is not working for me tonight)


  1. cute picture! glad to hear you're starting to get settled a bit! double oven... jealous!

  2. Oooo - you're one of those women who only get baby weight in their tummy, aren't you?!

  3. Beautiful. Gotta love the belly shots. BTW the coffee is great! What a wonderful concept and at the rate we drink it I may need more real soon!! I never was a coffee drinker until that second baby boy came along LOL!

  4. Christine, Ummmmm no!! This was like 4 months along. I gained 50 lbs. with Anderson. By the 9th month I looked like an uumpa loompa. :)
    Dina, glad you love it!!!

  5. Yay for Flashback Fridays! I'm so glad you like them and are bustin' it out! You look so adorable as a pregnant gal!!!

  6. Great picture! Thanks for sharing! You looked adorable! Glad you're mostly moved in. Hope life calms down a little and that you get that approval soon!

  7. Aww, you *wore* pregnancy well. Cute!



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