Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good news and giveaway winners!

Well Praise the Lord. I just talked to Barker and USCIS wrote them yesterday saying we have been approved and our approval is in the mail. Barker said I should have it within the week then our paperwork will be en route to KOREA. Have had tears in my eyes since I heard the happy news an hour ago. What a major, major relief.
Today marks 7 months waiting on Leah so I think it is a fitting day to throw all the names in a hat for the winner of the sweet magnet sets. Jack drew the winners and they are: Janet and Krista! Both of these girls have cute little fellas and I love to read their blogs. Girls, just let me know if you want the Korean magnets or pick any other set off her etsy site. You can leave your address here in this comment section, and I will not publish them. CONGRATS to the winners. (had to draw two I am so excited)
Woooohoooooo what a great day!!!!!


  1. Woooooohoooooooo is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  3. so, so excited for you guys. FINALLY!!!!
    it's a good day for both of us :) (check my blog)

  4. Congrats on the approval! That is wonderful news!! I can practically feel your smile through the blogosphere. :-)

    I won?? I WON!! YAY!
    I definitely want the Korean magnets...for sure!
    (I'll post my address separately .)

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  6. Yeah!! Perhaps you and the other E will be travelling together!! Congratulations! (and I'd love the magnets!). Get packing!

  7. So excited for you! Glad you became a little squeaky because it clearly paid off :)

  8. Krista, sadly we are at the I-600A step, not the same step Elizabeth is at. I wish they would change those names, they are awfully confusing!!
    But hopefully will be packing in 5 mos,. right?/ :)

  9. Yeah for u! So excited to hear the news :)

  10. Congrats! So excited that you'll (your paperwork) will be headed to Korea soon!

  11. Rats! The US process really messes me up. I'd still start packing ;)



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