Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Just being real.... lol. Exiting our exciting zoo trip from last week. Anderson did "not" want to leave and Jack was upset as well. Lollipops came next. :)
I am so happy my hubby snapped this excellent shot of me.


  1. Oh, that's funny! I actually had a moment like that today when leaving a toy store with X.

  2. BTW... I'm still giggling over this shot. (Only because I so know the feeling...) Thanks for the chuckles, I needed it after this day o' travel shenanigans.

  3. oh, i can TOTALLY relate!!!

  4. Gotta love real life moments like these!

  5. Hilarious. Wait until the third one joins the mix! Received our coffee by the way and can't wait to try it!



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