Friday, March 26, 2010

Still waiting

Let's just have a peek into my days, shall we? I begin by shuffling, err walking to the coffee pot. Pray it perks fast, faster would be nice I think as I shuffle to put on Jack his video. (rewind = awoken by Jack every morning) Walk back to kitchen, make Jack his drink of choice, either juice or milk. Take that to Jack. Go stand in front of coffee pot and watch it drip. Decide to put sugar and milk into coffee so it is all ready to go. Stand some more. Do I have the slowest coffee maker in America? Decide tomorrow will time coffee then google how long a pot should take to brew......... Finally get coffee and start to wake up. Go get Anderson and play with boys. THEN start stalking our mail box until the mail arrives. See the mail truck. Grab the mail. Sigh. No 1-600A approval. AGAIN. Go cheer myself up with a hug from one of the boys and pray it comes tomorrow. Story of my days.
For those of you not sure what I am talking about, my 1-600A approval is the one thing I need for all of our paperwork to go to South Korea, and for us to officially be on the list and waiting for our baby girl's referral. We were printed 39 days ago for this approval. Some people get it relatively fast, like in 3 weeks, while others it seems to be slower. I have heard Washington is very slow and lucky lucky me lives in that branch. Now I know, all things lead to Leah, but I would really really love to have our paperwork in Korea.
Any prayers you have you want to send our way for our approval we would really appreciate.
In the meantime, see that cool tree on the side of my blog with adoption is about love on it? I ordered it from Cafe Press and am going to be wearing it everywhere! Love it!


  1. ugh. come on, I600A approval!!!! glad you finally ordered your "adoption is about love!"

  2. Oh, I've got my fingers crossed it comes soon!! That's got to be so hard for that to be the *only* thing holding up your packet!

  3. Waiting stinks. Waiting for our I-600A was one of the hardest things in this process so far. You will get there though!

  4. So sorry. Prayers for your approval soon! I hear it's slow in our state - our homestudy should be headed to USCIS in a little over a week.
    Good luck! Really hoping to hear good news from you soon!

  5. I am definitely continiung to pray that I-600A to arrive for you! I got the email b/c I called USCIS when we were waiting for our fingerprinting appt. The lady I talked to said I needed to talk or email our specific branch & she just gave me the email address. So I just kept it! You never know! :)

    *Just remember this as well. Korea doesn't have an official "wait list." They don't do the first come first serve. They place children based on who they think will fit well with what family. So, you may get your referral before some others!
    I know it doesn't help a lot right now though, b/c that's all that's holding you back. Praying for you right now.

  6. Really hope it comes soon. Sending good vibes your way!

  7. I hope your I-600A approval comes soon - that will feel very good when that's out of the way and you can officially be waiting. Funny cuz I'm sure you already feel like you've been "waiting" for Leah, right? Sigh. I love your morning story about coffee and wanting to google whether your coffee pot is slow.... Ha ha.



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