Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tell it like it is..... on a Thursday

I have to be honest. Lately I am worried about how I am going to manage with three kids. Like yesterday when I was at the Library with Jack and Anderson, and Anderson took off screaming in one direction, and Jack off to find a book in the other. Or at preschool when I pick up both the boys and can barely carry out all their stuff and carry Anderson and hold Jack's hand. Or at the grocery store, when I come out half crazed and with two car toys, some candy, and forgot the one thing I went to the store for - milk. Or when it is 5pm, both the boys have not napped and I have had them single handedly since 7am and I feel like I may cry. Or when I look in the mirror at the end of a day like that and look so bad I should cry. (lol)
I don't even feel like I can complain about how hard it can be to care for two active boys with a husband who works alot to my friends. I feel like they will just be thinking "and she is adopting another?" Don't get me wrong, I am completely in love with my boys, and some days are like Heaven, but some days by the end of the day I am JUST SPENT. And I worry, how will I mangage when I add one more to the mix? How will Anderson feel to not be the baby anymore?
So that is how it really is for me on this Thursday.
Oddly enough, with all this worrying about adding another baby, I so desperately want my paperwork to go to Korea, I could cry. Please hurry i-600A approval. I just want to see her face. You know?


  1. I guess we're all in panic mode today, huh?

    Come on USCIS, hurry up!

  2. Elisabeth, we *all* have days like that, when we wonder HOW in the world we'll keep doing what we do. I have days with just ONE kid where I think "good lord, I just want to collapse and do nothing." Coping with two will be so overwhelming! But you'll find a way. We adapt, things shift, and we find a way.
    Hang in there. Tomorrow's Friday :)

  3. I can so relate to this. Although I can barely keep up with one! But everything always seems to fall into place, doesn't it? Hang in there!

  4. I hear ya. I'm like C - with only one busy boy - but by this time next year, there will be two little people in our home - and I'm not quite sure how we will handle it. But just remember you have enough love to give - and that is what matters.

  5. I completely understand. There are days where at the end of the day I think "this is how life should be! the kids were great, it was a breeze, we loved the day" then others "I can hardly believe we survived the day, what will we do with 3?!?" Of course, the answer - the same thing we do with 2 - some days, just survive - some days, rejoice b/c we are blessed with 3 wonderful (energetic, active) children! ;) Hugs. Don't feel bad at all!

  6. elisabeth,
    we frequent the same blogs and i often visit your site to check in on your progress in bringing leah home.
    i, too, am a mama to three... and i can completely sympathize with how you are feeling/what you are thinking and worrying about for your future. keep doing what you're doing, girl. it looks and sounds like you are a perfect mother for your beautiful boys. and the same will be true for that little girl when you finally get to bring her home.
    and, if you ever need to feel like you aren't alone, drop me a line. :)

  7. Thanks Emily. :) You are so kind!



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