Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My big boy

18 months and we are done with our highchair. :(

On to other news, we are just still waiting on our official approval in the mail so everything can go to South Korea. It has been 3 weeks. I am hoping it does not take much longer, but have been told to expect 12.
And our house has been on the market for one week yesterday. We have had quite a few showings, no offers yet, though. We have an open house this Sunday, so hopefully someone will fall in love with our house.
We have been really enjoying this warm weather. Spring is here - hooray!!!


  1. Big boy indeed! Cute, too. :-)

    We're putting our house on the market next week...so I totally know how you feel about someone "falling in love" with it!

  2. I hope you sell your house and get your approval really, really soon. You'd have TWO big reasons to celebrate then!

  3. spring is a great time to sell a house! hope it happens soooon!

  4. BRAVE Mama!!!

    I've got fingers and toes crossed for you!

  5. No high chair?! He is a big boy! I hope things move along quickly for you :)

  6. You'll need that high chair again soon!

  7. They grow up way too fast! But, Sandra's right, you'll need it again hopefully really soon :)

  8. Oh you are brave! :) What a cutie - look at those curls!



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