Friday, March 12, 2010

Blogging about our coffee fundraiser!

Kristie, a dear sweet adoptive parent over at Home with Lucy Lane blogged about our coffee fundraiser today! I am so excited. Her blog is just amazing, and I have actually seen her find homes for the orphans by her blogging about different ones in Africa. She has a precious daughter from Africa, Lucy Lane. I watched her video of getting Lucy Lane at the beginning stages of our adoption and it just put my fears at ease. You have to go watch it if you have not! Anyway, I wrote her asking her if I could send her a bag of our coffee and she could blog about it. She was so so kind to actually order two bags herself before I could send her one. !!! I was blown away by her kindness and generosity. Thank you Kristi! God bless you!
Here is the link to her blog about us:

Maybe this will help us get some orders! What a neat blessing to start my day with!!

If you would like to order yourself a yummy bag, link is at the top left of my blog - they ship fast, too!

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