Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A little more info...

(this is mostly for my benefit, so I can remember my phone conversation, but if you are interested in why my approval is so slow, read on!)
I spoke with Barker, our adoption agency and they gave me a little more info on what is going on with our offices. Apparently, I got stuck in a hold up. Tomorrow everything is going to start being routed to texas in an effort to streamline this process. The woman I spoke to at Barker told me that if I do not have my approval in 3 weeks to call her back and we will do something about it. She said alot of Va families are caught in this hold up. I do know some of my adoption friends are caught up on the side of the 1-600 filed after acceptance of referral. For the good news, she said my 1-600 should come very fast, as in they are promising 15 day turn arounds. SO even though I got caught up on this end for this approval, it does give me hope after referral things may sail faster. It is just nice to get answers. And have some sympathy. lol. She did say some Va families were holding at over 12 weeks for 1-600A approval and they were really upset at Barker about that. It feels nice to know someone is on my side and will help me get this approval.


  1. Wow. 12 weeks is so long! You're right, it's nice to have someone as your advocate. And hopefully you'll have super-speedy turnaround on some other paperwork to make up for it!

  2. Take it from me, you'd MUCH rather have a quick I-600 approval so that is GOOD news!

  3. Wow. What an insane ride this approval has been! But I do like the sound of a 15 day turnaround for the I-600!!

  4. I wondered if all of the new changes would slow things down. Grr. Glad to hear about the 15 day turn around for I600 though. :). Nice to "meet" someone else using the same agency. Thinking of you!



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