Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I just talked to our adoption agency, and was happily surprised to hear it is only us and one other family on the top of the list for a little girl born in Korea. There are no numbers given out in our agency, but if there were, we would be number 1 or 2 !!! Wooo hooooooo

Now, that being said, girl referrals are not as fast a boy referrals, and they put an estimate on our referral coming in November - January. But, it could happen sooner. I am just thrilled beyone belief there are not alot of people in line ahead of us for a little girl.

I have not called the agency in a few months, due to not wanting to hear bad news, but I am so glad I called today. It just feels good to hear someone say you will get a referral and you are next in line for a baby girl born in Korea. She also said they have been getting in little girl referrals, which means things are moving. But she would not give out numbers. bummer.

We are almost at the year mark for starting this adoption. Wow, that went by slow. Seriously.

The boys are back in preschool, and I have joined the gym and am trying to train for a 4 miler. It is good to have a distraction, and my jiggly thighs could use the exercise.

Happy Wed., it sure is happy for me!!


  1. Oh happy day!!! This is wonderful news!!


  3. Fabulous news!!! That must feel so good to hear!

  4. Great, great news!! I am so happy for you and your family! I hope you will be seeing your daughter's face soon!

  5. That is great!! Glad to hear some good news!

  6. Hurray! Good news! I love when you have good agency news, specifically! :) LOL!

    My friend (at our agency) got a referral of a little girl a few weeks ago. I *think* they waited about 6 1/2 months, could have been 7 but wasn't more than that.

    We're still thinking January but hoping for sooner... ;) I can't wait to hear when you have good news!!!

  7. Fantastic news! And I've always found that once school is in time just flies... before you know it you will see your beautiful little girl's face!!

  8. That's great news! I hope you get to see her face soon!

  9. Well, that is great news! Our agency did give out numbers when we were in the process, but stopped shortly afterwards. They said it was too hard to give people numbers because so much affects how people move up the list. That being said, knowing you are at #1 or #2 is wonderful! Soon, you'll see her face.



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