Monday, September 27, 2010

Since I am now private......

I can share Daniel and I are going to Williamsburg Friday night for our anniversary! 7 years. wow!! The kids are staying with grandparents. First time Anderson will be away from me overnight, but I am fairly sure he will have a blast, consume lots of sugar, and not miss me at all. :)

Next Monday is our actual anniversary. How wonderful would a referral be on our anniversary?? Fingers crossed people!!!

(this picture is a year old!)

p.s. - Look to the left and I now have a blog email. Finally. And if you have friends interested in our journey, feel free to give them my email and they can request an invitation. Maybe once baby Leah is home, I can go public again.


  1. Thanks for the invite! Have a wonderful trip with your husband. Do you think your referral will be that soon? How wonderful! I hope that everything has cleared up with your troubles!

  2. Yay! Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a great time!!!! Ring, phone, ring!

  3. Kelly, well, no. lol. But one can wish!! They told me to look for November - january. :)

  4. Have fun on your trip! Should be a really nice get away and I know the kiddos will be just fine so relax and ENJOY!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Have a great time! Hope the boys have fun with their grandparents. Enjoy! And RING PHONE RING!

  6. Happy Anniversary, have a fabulous time!! I always worry so much leaving Briar with family (not overnight yet, though!), but she does great!!

  7. You have several Kelly comment leavers, I see! Do I have to keep going back to the email invite to get to your blog or is there another way? You asked me about estimated referral time from Barker....I haven't heard of that, they are just sticking to the 6 to 8 months wait. Maybe when we get closer (we are just under 2 months, but who's counting!! :) they will be more specific!



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