Saturday, September 4, 2010

4 months hstk

Woohoo my ticker finally moved past 3 months, 4 weeks, 2 days and onto 4 months!! Why are summer months so long? Anyway, another month of waiting to check off. Every day gets us closer, right? Average referral times with our agency seem to be at 5-6 months. We were told recently to expect a 6-8 month wait. So worst case, I am halfway there, although I am wishing for only another few months of waiting. Since I have been waiting 4 months, I am going to list off 4 things I have learned in this wait: 1) bedtime when I rock Anderson to sleep has been the hardest part of the wait. I think of our little girl and tear up almost every night. I hug my boy closer and pray she is being loved on somewhere across the world. 2) fridays are a bummer because I realize another week went by and no phone call. 3) sometimes in life you really have no control at all over your circumstances. You can wish, hope, and pray but ultimately, your destiny is in the hands of a higher power. 4) I have learned the longer I wait, the more I fall in love with her. I am thriving in the knowledge that our daughter is growing in my heart. 5) I cheat. One more. Ben and jerry can help soothe a tired of waiting mommy every time.


  1. I've started gaining weight in this process - another way that I can compare adoption and pregnancy. However, there's no real timeline of when I'm going to stop gaining weight - Ben and Jerry's is just so helpful... ;)

    Thinking of you - hoping to hear about a referral soon!

  2. I gained so much weight during the wait for Jonathan! That and spent WAY too much money shopping for baby clothes and stuff. :)

  3. Hi Elisabeth. We were given a timeline (4-8 months but I've heard since that it's moved to 6-8 months), I just meant that it's a much bigger window than a due date with pregnancy. I guess I did say timeline, but I just meant that it's so much more up in the air. ;) I keep hoping to hear that you have a referral, though I realize it's likely to be a couple more months. Hoping for sooner!

  4. Icecream always helps.
    I hope your phone rings soon with the good news!

  5. It seems that the common theme is gaining weight... I gained a ton as well - ugh! Hang in there mama!

  6. I have said several times now that I am sad to see summer coming to an end, but so happy that it is bringing us one season closer to seeing our son or daughter!! You are getting close...hang in there!

  7. Hey Elizabeth!

    Yes, the timeline is correct. We got our referral 2 mos. after starting the process, but she was a WIC. It looks like you are waiting for a "healthy" referral? We weren't ever on a list, but she also never made it to the photolistings. (I think I checked those hourly) We will get our 2nd one as a WIC too. I keep checking here in hopes that you have your referral! It will come! Keep the faith. Plus, you have two boys to keep you busy for now. :)



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