Monday, February 22, 2010


We had a good weekend. I have been soooo busy getting our house ready to sell. It goes on the market one week from today! I have many things to do this week to get it ready, including a major spring cleaning. I want this place to fly off the market because we found this amazing, amazing house to rent. It is seriously our dream home.... and even better, the owners are interested in renting to own, so we could actually buy this amazing house from them in a few years. It has this awesome kitchen with beautiful marble countertops, all new cabinets (and lots of them), stainless steel appliance, double oven! (my dream) and two living rooms, 4 bedrooms upstairs each a very good size, a large walk out basement for Daniel's work zone and a sweet screaned in porch and deck. It is in the neighborhood we were going to buy a house in, too. Perfect school district for when Jack starts kindergarten. PLUS, the owners are my friends parents who are so sweet. They have just moved out due to a job relocation and do not want to put it on the market due to the economy. How perfect is this? I feel so so thankful this is all working out. God is just providing the room we will need for our little Leah. I have been so wanting her to have a room of her own, and our boys to have more space. To me, it seems like confirmation this little girl is meant to be with our family. The pieces of the puzzle to her are just all falling into place. I have to shout it out again, God is good, all the time. He is just meeting all our needs. Our situation with Daniel owning his own business, adopting, needing a larger vehicle.... seems overwhelming.... but somehow, miraculously.... God is showing me how he has a plan for us.
My heart is so burdened for the orphan, and I know He loves these children so much, I feel like if you just open up your heart to His children, blessings will pour over you and he will provide a way. I hope our story helps inspire families to adopt. There are SO MANY orphans. I have met so many amazing families by blogging that are providing homes and love for these children. And what I see again and again is the CHILD providing love and life for these families. I read of the blessings and future these family have with these little ones. God weaves these little ones into homes that need them as much as the children need the homes. I am praying our Leah home and you know what I have also began to pray? Homes for each of the orphans. I pray thru our family, people in our lives will see the beauty of adoption. And that their hearts will be burdoned for the orphans. Once it hits you, it is like a freight train and you can't get off until you DO SOMETHING. 143 MILLION orphans are in this world. That is a BIG number. But our God is BIG. I love to say it - does your family tree have room for one more??
AND super great news. I found out another couple got fingerprinted in NC a month ago and got their prints back in 3 weeks. Oh I hope I hope we get ours back that fast. Come on mail man - bring me that sweet piece of paper so everything can go to KOREA!!!!!
And I just wanted to thank all my new blog friends. Reading your blogs, whether your child is home or you are waiting, is so inspiring to me. Thank you for all your encouragement and for sharing your journeys with me! I count you all as my friends, and hope to meet you in real life one day and introduce you to our Leah.


  1. oh i hope your house sells quickly too! that other house sounds PERFECT!!! praying for you!!!

  2. Amazing how God can provide, especially when you are most down and least expect it. Hope it works out for you!

  3. Your new house sounds absolutely lovely. Esp the double ovens - we LOVE ours!!!

  4. Wow - you have so much GOOD GOOD GOOD stuff going on over there! It makes me SO happy for you!

  5. You have a lovely way of looking at things, Elisabeth. Congrats on the new house - it sounds amazing!

  6. Yay! That house sounds perfect! I hope your finger prints come back that soon...ours too! We are going Wed. b/c of work on Mon. & Tues. This is such a blessing to hear of all that God has done for you!

  7. That house sounds WONDERFUL. I'm glad it all sounds like it is working out so well. Yay! A blessing indeed.



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