Monday, February 15, 2010


We had a fun weekend! Saturday Daniel and I looked at some larger homes we are interested in. We found a 4 bedroom (all rooms up) that we love and may put an offer in. Our home now has 2 bedrooms up, one small full bath, and one bedroom on the main level. Ok layout for 2 small children, but worrysome for adding a third child. We may put our home on the market in less than 2 weeks to try to move before referral. Stressful? yes? Kinda necessary, though. We feel cramped upstairs now with both boys sharing a room and one bathroom for all of us. The house we looked at has 4 bedrooms upstairs with 2 bathrooms, a larger main floor and an awesome fenced in flat backyard. The kids would love that. Plus it is only a mile and a half from us - :). We love the area we live in. Very old homes with lots of charm.
FIngerprinting tomorrow! Snow is coming in today (1-4 inches). I am really happy it is coming today and not tomorrow for our trip to be fingerprinted. I think all will be ok.
I have some great pictures from Valentines Day yesterday I will have to upload later today. The boys had a fun day. I am so so bummed I missed a Chinese New Year's festival in a town about an hour from here. I had no idea it was going on and saw a recap on the news this morning. The ironic thing is, I was just complaining to my hubby yesterday that there was not anything cultural to go to near here. Bummer! That would have been so fun for all of us. Next year, for sure!!!
My Dad lives in South Korea, and he called yesterday to wish me a happy new year. He said everyone was celebrating over there. How I wish I could have been there to experience that! Korea, you will always be close to my heart. Happy Korean New Year to all my friends!


  1. you'd definitely have a lot going on with a move and a new baby on the way, but probably better now than later :-) that's exciting! yay for fingerprint day!

  2. Oooo - exciting news on the home front! I can't wait to hear what you decide to do!

  3. Happy New Year! Exciting plans on a potential move. Can't wait to hear what happens. Good luck with the fingerprinting tomorrow!

  4. I still think it is so cool that your dad lives in South Korea. I'd love to see their New Year celebrations. Good luck with fingerprinting. Can't wait to hear about the possible move!

  5. Good luck with the fingerprints. It's been crazy here and everything has been closed for over a week and we're going crazy waiting for things to progress (which can't happen until things open back up). Hope everything goes well tomorrow. Drive carefully!

  6. happy new year to your family too!



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