Wednesday, February 17, 2010

USCIS fingerprinting

Well folks, we are fingerprinted and waiting for our official governement approval to arrive in the mail, called the I-600A. As I always do, I have stalked some of my bloggy friends timelines that are further ahead in the adoption process than we are, and some of you got your approval quite fast. I have heard that because of the Haiti crisis, USCIS is backed up. As soon as we get this (please let it only be 8 weeks or less!) I will immediately fax a copy of it to our adoption agency, then our homestudy and our I-600A approval will be IN the air to South Korea. Will be doing a happy dance that day.
According to the timeline in my head and the timeline our agency quoted us, I really think our Leah will be born soon. My gut is March or April. That would put us right in line with us getting our referral in very late summer/early fall. (babies from South Korea are usually referred when they are 5-6 months old) Why is this? The South Korean government want to give their citizens plenty of time to adopt these babies domestically. Unfortunately with the stigma associated with adoption over there, it does not happen much. Hence our family has the opportunity to bring one of these precious children home. I have heard South Korea is trying to shut down international adoptions out of their country, but so far no announcements from them on an exact shut down date. Part of the reason we jumped right into a South Korean adoption. Such a great program and not too sure how long it will be open in the future.
I took some pictures at USCIS yesterday, but, ummmm got in a little trouble for snapping them, so will hold off on posting them on my blog.
Adoption friends, how long did it take for your 1-600A approval?


  1. Yay! Our I-600A approval came pretty quickly. I just looked back at my own timeline and it looks like it was 15 days after our fingerprinting appt. Not bad, eh? Hopefully your approval will come just as fast!

    Oh, and just for fun - here's the illegal photo we snapped:

  2. woohoo!!! once they had our fingerprints and home study, it only took a week! but we sent everything in at different times... I600A app in november, printed 12/22, sent in home study 2/4, approval 2/12.

  3. Kelly, soooo funny. I can see now why I got yelled out if that photo was on the down low. I have official doors and the homeland security sign I am pointing at - lol.

  4. Congratulations on another step done!



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