Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week in review

Wow, this has been a long week. Thanks to the many many snow storms we have had, Jack's preschool has been closed for two weeks straight. (he goes on Tues/Wed. mornings) I did not realize how much I valued this time to myself with Anderson until these past few weeks. I have been having a hard time entertaining both of them all day long by myself, snowed in or stomach bugged. We have been doing lots of art projects, (Anderson not so much)library visits, and romp n roll. The days have still been long. We have only been able to get out a few days, and that was the library/romp n roll times. I am SO READY for warm weather. I really have a bad case of cabin fever. Oh and on Wednesdays lately Anderson has been going to the three hour mothers morning out program at the preschool, so I have had 2 Wed. of 3 hours all to myself. That was SO NICE. I love love my boys, but having a small break like that mid week really renews my soul - :). I think today we are going to try to head to the Childrens Museum.
On the adoption front, just waiting until next Tuesday to travel with Daniel to get fingerprinted. We can't take the kids, so I have sitters all set up for the day. That will be the LAST STEP before our paperwork goes to South Korea. Heads up, there will be some type of awesome give-away when our paperwork gets there!!! Major celebration!!!
To my knowledge, we have sold 2 bags of our coffee from our fundraiser. (YEA!) Keep those sales coming - :). I will be having a big yard sale this Spring, too if any friends or family would like to start saving things for me they would like to donate for our sale.
This Saturday I am so excited because we are looking at some larger homes with a realtor. We really need more room with Leah coming home next year, and if we find something, may have our house on the market here very soon. How many of you moved between paperwork and referral?
I promise I have some good pictures I took yesterday I will get on here later today. (for Mom, Rebecca and Kelly -haha)
Have a wonderful Thursday friends!


  1. i can't wait until your paperwork goes to Korea!

  2. I hear ya on the cabin fever. We moms really have to get creative so we don't all get stir-crazy!
    I haven't moved mid-adoption, but I've heard that it's strongly discouraged. It may cause delays and, if not that, tons of headache in paperwork. It is exciting to be looking at new houses though!!!
    and yahoo - get that paperwork outta here!

  3. We have cabin fever here too, ugh! I can see how it would be nice to have a little time to yourself during the day. I feel that way during nap time. Looking forward to your give away!

  4. We moved while waiting on our I600A approval. It wasn't that big of a deal, we had to update the home study and sumbit the update to USCIS. And then wait another month for them to approve it.

  5. We are moving before we start the paperwork again - we start homestudy # 2 in March, and get possession of hour new house in March - stressed? yes. We are also doing a big garage sale and all proceeds will go towards our next adoption.
    Goodluck with your fingerprints!

  6. I've *heard* that it's hard to move mid-adoption but I don't have any real facts to back that up. However, it scared us into doing this remodel so we could avoid moving instead. Probably just paranoia though.

    Are the photos for THIS Kelly? Or another one? :)

  7. For you, Kelly! You shamed me into producing more pictures of my

  8. Wow - lots going on and you haven't left the house! I'd be ready to go insane if that were me. You go girl!

    I don't know about the moving thing, I'm assuming that it happens though... right?!



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